:( Hi,

I am having a problem with mp3 discs in Mac OSX.3.9. Until recently all was ok. But I now have what seems a very complicated problem.

I have an e-mac, with a combo drive. I also have a Lacie external burner for DVD's and mostly I use it to burn audio too.

Suddenly, I can't burn mp3 discs at all in Mac's combo Drive, and when I put an mp3 disc that I have burned with the external drive into the Mac, it won't read it. Often it won't eject either and I have to restart. Once I restart, it will read the disc ok; then if you take it out and put it back in it won't read it again?

The really wierd thing is that it will read AIFF audio cd's OK. Same with movies. It just doesn't seem to like mp3? Also, combo drive won't burn mp3 files internally any more either.

To be honest, I though it might be a virus at first, but that seems unlikely upon reflection.Having to reboot everytime you want to use certain programs puts me in mind of the bad old Windows 98 days. If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate their suggestions, as this one has me baffled. :?:

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It's definitely NOT a virus.

You should troubleshoot this issue by seeing if the MP3 CD works when you're logged in as another user (create one if need be).

Will give it a try. Thank you!

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