I recently bought a G4 Powerbook with the newest version of X (Panther).
I wanted to install Bryce 5 and some games on my notebook and can't.
I went to the Bryce 5 support faq and it told me:

How Do I Install Bryce® 3D on a Macintosh?

Create a custom extension set and reboot.
2. Insert the Bryce 3d CD into your CD-ROM drive.
3. Double click on installer Icon.
4. Follow the onscreen instructions.

To create a custom extension set:

1. Go to the Apple menu and select Control Panels.
2. Double click the Extension manager.
3. Save your current extension set by selecting duplicate set, and give it a new name.
4. Uncheck everything.
5. Expand the Extensions folder by clicking the arrow to the left of it.
6. Check the Apple CD-ROM, Quicktime, and Quicktime Powerplug extensions.
7. Restart.

To enable extensions:

1. Open your hard drive.
2. Double click into your system folder
3. Open Control Panels, and double click the Extension Manager.
4. Check all to enable all extensions or choose your own custom settings.

I cannot find any of these areas on the OS! Are they talking about OS 8.6
or something? I can only use Classic (9) and X. If there is a fix for making the OS recognise my cdrom games and software, please let me know.
Everything is mac compatable. But shows up as unopenable text files, or the pp up says it does not recognise the file an wants to know what program opens it. What the hell is a custom extension set anyway?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Stephen

Yes, the text you posted is talking pre-OS X, however Bryce 5 ran natively on OS X so you should be able to install an OS X vesion from the CD. I've long since abandoned apps that run in classic mode so can't help there, have you tried looking at the developers site for updates to OS X versions.