I'm using a Snow Leopard OS X 10.6.7 and find the print program very limiting in its capabilities. For instance if I want to print "duplex" or "poster printing" it just does not seem to have the ability. If I want to print glossy photos there seems to be no way of doing it. I have two good quality Canon printers MP620 plus ip6400 which have all the bells and whistles. When I bring up a photo or a document and go to File, Print, that program seems very limited. Is there a print program that I could download that would do the job better.
Now I am the first to admit that the only problem is the guy behind the computer and quite willing to be told that if that is the case.
Would some one please advise.

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As you have already experience it, Mac style of printing is pretty crappy. You have some limited choices only. Firsy you can try to save the file you want to print into a windos format and save it in your thumbdrive. Drag the file out of your thumb drive into another computer that has better printing capabilities and start printing. You can always google and search for the printing software you want, there are a lot but i am not sure which one you want. Good luck

Hi jingda.
Thanks for the prompt reply, at least it tells me one other person thinks the same way. Hasn't solved the problem but at least its set me on another track.
Take care. d.

Just in case this is any use to any one I thought I would write it down
I enjoy playing around with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and on occasions I want to print the work out on either A4 or even poster size. But a Mac does not hack it as far as a print program goes. So this is how I got around it..
Once the project was complete I saved it to the desk top. Then brought up a blank page in "Pages" changed it to landscape. Dragged the project on the blank page. Once it was fitted how I wanted it, clicked on "Share" top tool bar, sent via mail, word, and sent it off to my other computer.
Now fortunately I'm retired and am lucky enough to have a second computer which is 17' laptop with a Vista program and of course a great print program, so there the problem ends.
Some of you may well ask why I did not have the Adobe program on the laptop in the first place well I do most of my work on a Mac 27'' Snow Leopard.

Good luck, is there any other problem?

Not for thanks but I'm sure there will be some thing ells in due course. d.

See you around the apple and mac forum. I will be there and help you with any problems. So this marks the end of this thread

There is a software, as i have said before mac printing capabilites are very limited thus i hardly print out any notes. If i want to refer to notes, i will just send the files from my mac to my ipad. Then i can carry the ipad around and read the notes. There are many printing programs but they are also limited it seems that windows is better at printing

Thanks for the discussion its been interesting and finalised a few queries.
Take care. d.

Take care and see ya

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