Hi. My Mac's hard drive recently crashed and everything is wiped out. I have a new hard disk now.
My question is: How do I transfer data from my iPhone... back to my Mac? I would like to transfer data from my iCal, iTunes, iPhotos, SMS and contacts.
Would appreciate some advice. It's been a very frustrating experience. I don't want to screw up and end up deleting all my data from my iPhone instead.

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Itunes can help you with that or you can always use a cable and connect your iphone to your mac and you can transferred the file. It is easy. Have you set up your macbook, is your hard drive a internal or external one?


Log-in in to your iTunes account on your new Mac and then sync as normal. You'll be asked if you want to copy stuff from your iPhone to Mac (which you probably want to do) and then you should be able to continue as normal. Remember to authorize your new Mac with your iTunes account as well.


Basically what ian said is what i said but more clearer. Creating a itunes account does not take long


install itunes in uare pc and conact cabal iphone to pc wait an min opan itunes icon pro and just show uare all file and data in u,, from itunes

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