I have had my daughters card in the address book for a number of years with two e-mail addresses, one for work and one for home both on the same card.
I now want to delete the work e-mail address which I have done by opening the address book going to Edit, then Edit card. Thats fine so far got rid of the work e-mail address no problem.
Now when ever I bring up New Message, and type her name in I still get her work e-mail address.
Are you able to help me on this one please.

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Nice to see you again
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Hi dogsbody. Long time no see;)

You said you edit the card. Try deleting the group or delete the card. After you delete the card, does the contact still shows up in All Contacts?


Hello jingda.
Here is the answer from a lady in Christchurch which has done the job very well.
Thanks for your reply, take care. Until the next time. dogsbody

This is a ghost address. Open a new email and start to type in the address.
Make sure you choose the one you don't want.
At the end of the blue oval there is a very small arrow. Click on it and you get a small window. Click on 'Remove from previous recipients list.'
Then click on the arrow again and chose 'remove address.'

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