Hi Techsters,
I has a weird thing happen today. I had just opened a folder that held all my original forms, found the two I needed and attached them in an e-mail and sent it. It sent just fine, but when I went to find another document in that same folder, it was gone. I've searched every file in my computer and that folder is completely missing. It had several sub-folders in it and they are all gone as well. I'm using a Mac OS X system and Firefox web browser. If anyone can help, or had this happen to them, please reply. All other applications and files are there and working fine. Help!

Have you tried to use spotlight to locate the folder? Sometimes folders are hidden from the UI but are still on the filesystem, using Terminal to get a listing (ls) on the folder is likely a good way to see if the folder is there, or really is gone.

If you still can't find the folder, the last chance you have is FileSavage (about 50$ quit) or the testdisk-utility. I do prefer testdisk, because it's for free and has very good results. During the last scan it found data, I deleted about two years ago.
The only drawback of testdisk is, it doesn't have a nice GUI. It's quite a simple terminal-window. After having started the programme, it scans the whole hard-disk, so it takes some time (80Gigs in nearly an hour for me).

Hope that helps!