I'm looking for SEO tools for pre-intel iMac running osx 10.4.11 (Tiger) Won't keep computer more than another 6 months+/- so buying Virtual PC does not make sense. Support may have already ceased.

Simple needs...
Google Page rank
List of top competitor sites/rankings
Would be nice to check rank for individual pages within my site(s)
Link quantities
Alexa rank
Reports exported to Excel if possible, or HTML

Could be:
Freeware or low cost software
Package or several pieces that do part of job
Free or low cost online services

I've tried free trials on a couple of big or expensive packages and hated them--too complicated

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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Glad to be a part of this forum and get to know a lot new stuff of my interest. Thanks for the information provided with.


I've pulled together a Mac search engine optimization and marketing site trying to tackle Mac SEO and SEM programs and issues for Apple Macintosh webmasters. A small handful of the commercial SEO apps are cross-platform compatible, but many if not most others are strictly Windows based. Apple users are often forced to do more things manually.

Particularly when it comes to tools to automate IM - internet marketing and backlink building aspects - Macintosh users have more of a challenge. Its tough finding Mac compatible SEM & SEO software to automate social bookmarking, directory and article submissions on a Mac.

Some trends are encouraging: 1. Apple's growing market-share is increasing the demand for - and profitability of providing internet marketing and SEO optimization tools to OSX using web masters. 2. Cross platform technologies like Adobe AIR are allowing write once, run anywhere code. MarketSamurai is a good example of a PC/Mac tool for website owners on either platform. 3. Worst case, you can invest in a legit Windows install disc and use either BootCamp - or install VMWare or Parallels to run those Windows-Only apps if you have to.

Check out my Mac SEO tools blog - as I unearth and share the best Mac SEM tools, SEO tips, optimization methods out there. There's also some great Firefox buttons and tooolbars and Safari 5 Extensions for SEO that I'm discovering to promote and market my sites with - all done on a MacBook!

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