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You may want to try and download a previous version and then when it asks you to update, see if it allows you to do it then. Also, make sure you check on Apple's website and make sure your computer meets the system requirements of iTunes.

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Have you try reinstalling it?

yes i have. i completely uninstalled it from my computer. Now i dont even have itunes and it will not install

Why won't it install? After you uninstall, did you install back the latest version of itunes or the old version you used?

IDK man. Open the link i put in the first post. thats what it said

When does this problem starts to happen? Can you do a system restore or repair your system with the installation disk.

5 seconds after i start the install

None of it worked i tried a system restore and everything and it still comes up with an error.

You sure the software meets your system requirements? If yes, then I have run out of solutions now.

Yes. I do not understand. I am running windows 7. 64 bit. My laptop is a new Dell xps 15. Mind boggling

>running windows
>trying to use mac product

It's possible that this is the cosmos trying to tell you to switch to Zune.

Does other laptops have this problem?

Pseudo Coder: Are you stupid. iTunes works on windows and mac. Of course that is not the problem.

And no, it is just my laptop. IDK why though. I had iTunes on it before and i deleted it to doenload the new 10.5 version but it will not install

Maybe you want to backup your data and reformat your laptop to see whether that helps. Unless you are really desperate to have itunes, if not I will suggest just leave the problem.

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