Hi All-
I have loaded up my G5 with Tiger, and found a pair of stickers with serial numbers (same on each) for QT Pro. These are similar to the sn. for the other software I have: FC StudioHD (and it components, each having a sn). So I searched (Find) in the computer for QTPro, and nothing is there (apparently). So:
Why would I have the sn's and not the actual software? Am I missimg something??
Stu Aull

Am I missimg something??l

QT Pro doesn't come with Macs you have to buy it. So I find it strange that you'd find a sticker with a SN for QT Pro.

The way to know if you have QT PRo is to open the Quicktime prefpane in System Preferences and it should say "Quicktime Pro Registration" if it's registered with a valid SN.

as far as i know the diff between QT and QTpro is acsess to "expert settings" for export and the QT MPEG component.
both you have to pay for. but its worth it especialy if you plan to make any serious vids.

Definately worth doing. I'd also go as far as recommending buying the MPEG-2 component to play MPEG-2 files from within Quicktime. Yes, you could very well use DVD Player for that, but for the purposes of what I use Quicktime for, it saves having to keep faffing around with different apps.

To complete the picture, I'd also recommend DivX 6.5 for the Mac - available from http://www.divx.com. It's now a Universal Binary which means it'll work with either PowerPC or Intel processors. When Telestream release the next version of Flip4Mac (http://www.flip4mac.com), you'll also be able to play *most* Windows Media files from within Quicktime too.


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