I've uploaded a phpnuke site and it is working on a pc apparently, it is mostly working on my mac, but when I visit the forum on my mac it has this displayed boldly at the top of my forum -
Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/.sites/152/site367/web/forum/html/header.php:32) in /home/.sites/152/site367/web/forum/includes/sessions.php on line 222
on explorer it's really bad, error messages and the frame of forum is out of wack.
on netscape the forum frame is out of alignment again.
on safari the forum frame is also out of alignment.

and after logging into all, only explorer will remember that I'm the admin!!!!!

anyone here had the same or other horrors with nuke/mac :cry: :?:

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Just to comment a few things:

1) Explorer on the Mac has reached end-of-life status. It is older, and no longer maintainted. Not surprised that you are seeing problems there.

2) Do you have cookies enabled / disabled? They might be the cause of your other browsers forgetting who you are.

3) Mozilla is pushing their Firefox / Firebird web browser. Might want to look at that one. They just upgraded it.

4) Safari was just upgraded with 10.3.6

5) I am curious how Linux browsers would display your website.


Thanks for your concern regarding my choice of browser, I usually use safari and find it fine on everyone else's site, though I will checkout Mozzila's Firebird.

Cookies, yes I did get rid of the cookies, it made no difference.

My point however (though I can see now that it's not totally obvious), is that I wondered if any other mac users had the answers to the how to patch-up nuke problem. Because I want to make my website as friendly as possible, to as many browsers as possible.

When I ask if has anyone else had similar problems, I mean with the building of a nuke site, and getting it to be compatible with Macs.

Sorry if my question was a little fuzzy. :o

Thanks loads for taking the time. :D

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