Hi All

I have a few Mac Pros spare now we have updated our RIPS that control our printers. I thought I would turn one into a file server for our Windows SBS 2008 network. I have access to Panther, Leopard and Lion (inc server) OSs). I started with Leopard and setup a shared directory using SMB protocol and all the Windows PCs can access and save files BUT....

Problem I discovered first was if a user copies a file to this new OS X server the permissions only show for that user so other users can't ammend and sometimes can't access the files. I read using SMB only on the Macs might solve but hasn't. I read that Lion Server would be the answer so tried that but it's a nightmare to get connected to Active Directory but it was doing the same.

I setup in the Server to Propogate the Permissions but as soon as any Windows user adds a file to the OS X Server the permissions revert to that user.

I have spent a few hours now seeing a way to solve but reading through the internet I see issues with Lion with Active Directory and the older OSs not sure if this a problem or if there is a work around.

Any help would be grateful


Hi Paul...

...and welcome to the wonderful world of multi-os-users! You know what? I'm using the same configuration as you but have also many Linux clients running. For years now, my best solution is the bare minimum: FTP. This is simple, reliable and can be accessed by all major and even minor OSs.
Have a look for a ftp-server that you like, install it and set the root directory to the same one as your smb. This should be done in a few hours time. But after that your problems will be past.

Greetings, Simon

have you tried running the chmod command from terminal? remember that CLI is very usefull when its time for administering servers-

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