I have a PDF file full of addresses (>3000) in this format:

Street Address
City State Zip
Phone Number

Is there any program that will allow me to convert it into a Excel file or CSV?


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Adobe Reader has a "Save as text" function.

Then you can use the import function to get the data.

Thanks, but I want them to go into separate columns.

You can set Excel to make a selected number of columns from a text file in that form. I just taught students how to do that the other day.

give me a link to forum I got the excel magic upload it somewhere and pm me the link I will do this for you free...


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There are some PDF to Excel converter in the market, you can Google the Keyword " PDF to Excel", then you can find some.
I found this PDF to Excel Converter for you.
Can not just copy and paste?


Yes, there is a tool that will do that. EDI Link Connect by EC Dynamics will do a PDF Conversion to Excel. It does PDF to XML, PDF to EDI,PDF to Excel and a few others. Its very simply. You email their server a PDF and it replies with the data within a minute totally automated and 100% accurate. Here are a couple links:



Hope that helps

There are many tools available for this. Many are UI selection/marker based and use a fuzzy logic so you end up with a not too accurate output and have to invest a lot of time scrutinizing the data. There are some tools that are script based and more accurate but then require a bit of more learning curve. So its a subjective thing - my preferred tool is IntelliGet (http://www.mountonetech.com/intelliget) as it gives me a lot of flexibility and doesnt cost a lot.

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