Hello Sir/Madam,

I already downloaded a songs from Youtube converted it to mp3, then add it to my music library in Itunes. My problem is there is no artist name on each song that I downloaded. So what the Itunes do, is organized it by the Name of the songs. But I wanted to organize it by the Artist.

Please help me! Is there a way put an artist to my songs?

Thanks for those who concern,

If you're just editing the artist for one song, click on the blank artist space, and a box should come up where you can type in the name of the artist.

But if you're changing the artist for multiple songs, select all of the songs that have the same artist, then press 'apple+i'. Say yes to the prompt, and put the artist name under artist in 'Info'. That should do the trick :)

Thank you for your reply misquared. I also do this one, select all songs that have the same artist. Then I will click on the File menu from the upper left of the Itunes apps, then select Get Info. Then I will put the artist name in that info.

... even better, why not just download Tuneup from http://www.tuneupmedia.com/index.php and let Tuneup do the work for you. Costs about $US30 and adds album art as well. It's quite a feature-rich product and well worth it. You can try before you buy.