What is the benifit and useful of macbooklaptop in used? I want to know abot it many thig. Such as, uses, benifit, speed etc.

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If any person want to know about macbook used. I have seen it. So, you will be benifited this macbook used

It's very unclear what you are asking for. Please rephrase your questions to get a higher chance of people actually commenting/helping.

I will try to answer the question in the way I understood it.

- stability
- security
- freedom <-- don't get me wrong on this one
- workflow

- prize
- less apps available
- you need to find alternatives to a lot of the windows applications you are used to use
- you need to buy adapters for connecting to screens through VGA, HDMI etc.
- less games available (for the ones who play games)

I have just listed the first things that came into my mind when thinking about this. I'm using a MacBook Pro late 2012 and I must say that I love it. I have never experienced any problems with it nor with using OS X as my primary operating system. I have never thought about dual-booting it with Windows and I never will. I have had a dual-boot with Chrunhbang before but remvoved it again since I didn't need it anymore.

I like the older, modern MacBooks with the Dual Core processor. Strong enough to move along quickly, but will still run Snow Leppard. SL was the last OS X that could run Carbon applications... so now on my Mountain Lion computer, I cannot run Diablo II as it was compiled with Carbon, and ML does not support that anymore.

The older Macs also will not CHARGE an iPad. They will sync and work with iTunes, but they did not have enough USB power capacity to charge them.

The one thing I DISLIKE about the latest MacBook Pro, the Retnia one, is that they removed the ethernet jack. As a computer professional, I want a strong OS like MacOS (which is a flavor of Unix), but I cannot assume wireless networking will always be available. Yes, I can get a Thunderboldt to Ethernet adapter, but that is just another widget to carry around, or worse, loose.

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