I'm looking at disk utility packages and would like some opinions. Mostly I'd like to know if there is any substantial advantage of one over the other. We are talking Norton, Tech Tools Pro and Disk Warrior.

Unless your drive is having serious problems there is not much of a need for any of those....Disk Utility can take care of almost all of your problems

I have heard many, many good things about Disk Warrior. I would avoid Norton for the mac but that's just me.


I have used Norton and Tech Tools Pro, mostly under the OS9 umbrella. The OS X tools, combined with Retrospect, have allowed me to feel comfortable in the OS X universe.

Whatever you do, do not use an OS 9 disk tool to fix an OS X issue. Assuming that you still need to work with OS 9, I would have it's system on a different partition, so that you can use the OS 9 tools to repair the OS 9 things. Partitioning is a smart smart thing.

Tech Tools Pro took care of a few OS 9 problems for me, and Norton worked alright for me in the OS 9 world.

Now, if you wish to discuss anti-virus protection, that is a different universe entirely.

Perhaps the best question to ask is: what is your goal? Overall Utilities grab-bag? Let us know.