I just bought a nascita feenix mouse but it doesn´t work propably. When i plug it into my mac it only works a few times and some times if i restart my mac with the mouse plugged in it works again. I was wondering if there was something wrong with my mac or my mouse.

Get the magic mouse you won't ever regret it.

@iamtheww my magic mouse gave me bunch of troubles to overcome from. Mostly it creates problems when battery is weak. You need to tap it down at times to regain some charge. So Magic Mouse may or may not be the best option. Google 'Magic Mouse Problems' and you will get many informative results.

Does the original Mac mouse work ok? What about the Magic Mouse? If the Mac mouse works, then it is likely not a computer problem, but a faulty mouse. If it also behaves erratically, then it is likely there is a problem with the USB or wireless controller in the computer, in which case you need to take it to the "Gurus" at your local Apple store.