i have dell laptop in which window 7 installed and now i am facing a problem ,my all drives are formatted by mistake and it is also not show in my lappy , so kindly tell me how it recover and how it appear on my lappy

Your best option is to reinstall Windows on this newly formatted drive. If you have data that needs to be recovered, you can extract this hard drive and connect it to another computer that has Disk Recovery software on it.

Use a windows recovery tool and run formatted media recovery to regain files. Be careful, not to further use the drive as if the formatted data gets overwirtten you will have hard time recovering it.

hay if you are Mac user and your laptop hard drive is formatted then dont worry about your data because formatted hard drive recovery on mac os x is possible by using Mac hard drive recovery software. You can download its free demo version and recover your formmated data from Mac OS.

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