Hello everyone. I recently picked up a legal copy of OS X Tiger for x86 from the official Apple open source website. I am going to attempt to install it on an AMD Athlon based PC with 256 MB RAM and no SSE support. I will then attempt to grab an image of the installed system and put it inside a file so I can run it on QEMU (a CPU emulator / VM) for Linux. This way it will be able to take advantage of emulated SSE support, while still running most instructions directly. There are a couple of questions I would like to ask:

1. If I get "kernel panic" type messages while trying to install, does this probably mean the AMD is missing some necessary instructions (like SSE)?

2. If I manage to grab an image of the installed system, will it cause problems trying to run it on a virtual machine where the hardware will look different? If so, will I be able to solve these problems by manually editing the registry (or whatever the Mac equivalent is called)?

Thanks for any answers in advance.


Note: OS X has got the coolest GUI ever. I approve :) .

Sorry, Apple's EULA state that "you are allowed to install one copy of this software on a registed Apple machine", meaning that what you are trying to do is "illegal", even if it's in a VM. (That's also why you were getting kernel panic.)

So forget it, or just buy a Mac.