Howdy all
I just got an ibook g3 white from ebay.It seems the user before me had the security set to have you login when the computer is turned on.I managed to boot into the shell and change the password so i can log in now.

So now I want to format the drive and install a new copy of Tiger,which I have the Install CD's for,not the dvd,I have the 4 cd's.I run the install program which tells me to restart and the install will run automatically on reboot,but it doesnt,it just gets me to the login screen i log in with the admin password but the installer never runs.

The CD"s arent bootable it seems.Anyone have any ideas on how i can reformat and reinstall on this ibook? I got the CDs with the computer but it does have a DVD drive,but I hate to spend $129 for a new DVD if I can install from CD.

Any ideas? Thanks for reading!

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Well,an update.

The CD's are burned copies and cant be booted from.Is this just because they are burned and not original?

Looks like i am off to Compusa to buy a DVD,then i will have to send it in to exchange for CD's since this doesnt have the DVD drive.Just great. Any ideas from anyone on how i can make these work?

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