Hi, I've tried to install Adobe Reader 7 for Mac, and twice after waiting the hour it took to install the manager, it said the file could not be downloaded because it's corrupted. Any thoughts? Thanks. Terrie

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It took an hour to install the Adobe Manager? Are you not on broadband, by any chance?

And here you are again!!

No, I have NetZero Dial Up, I can't afford anything else right now. You should know that you are communicating with a great-grandmother on a fixed income! Thanks again! Terrie

No worries. There could be a million reasons for corruption. It could be a problem at the Adbove site it's sucking info off of, it could be a problem with NetZero (unlikely), or it could be noise on your phone line that is corrupting the file(s).

Not much you can do in this case. Your options are:
Try the broadband version. It'll take MUCH longer to download, but it'll download it all in one piece.
Find a friend/public computer space with broadband, invest in a USB flash drive, and download it there, plop it on your USB flash drive, and carry it home.

Thanks. You truly are a "Posting Whiz." Terrie

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