hi guys.
i'm hoping to god someone here can help me fix my emac.

last night, i downloaded a new something called "safari enhancer," thinking it'd be lovely, right? well, turns out after installation, there was this thing that said mismatch in versions(my mac had a diff version of safari installed than the one that the enhancer had).

so, now, ever since that moment, safari's been M.I.A.. the file will not open, the icon has changed even. i don't know what happened.--i can't even redownload it!

so, the emac is acting strangely as well.
icons disappeared last night.
i can't drag anything into the trash.
when i download things, they don't show up until like 5 minutes later.


<3 jojo


I do not think Safari Enhancer is a virus. It is registered with Version Tracker, and there seems to have been a lot of downloads (over 200,000+) of the software.

Which version of OS X are you running on your eMac?

Things to think about:

1) Save off your bookmarks somewhere
2) Delete the program (drag it to trash) and re-install it from CD-ROMs.

What version of Safari Enhancer did you download? The author's webpage warns that certain versions are incompatable with other versions.

If you cannot get this fixed, you do have other options... download Mozilla and/or Firebird or Opera, and browse with them.

Let me know what you find out. Would be happy to go further, but I need to know some more things about your computer.