Whenever you connect some cameras to your mac via USB, you can browse them in Finder as if they were a driver. How come this isn't true for other cameras? Are there any good programs that will allow you to mount your camera in the finder as if it were a driver?

The way I would answer your question if I had pondered this myself is trying to right click on the Finder Bar to see if there is a property area of adding additional devices. Possibly pointing it to your camera device. If no Avail I would then call the manufac. to see if they can update my firmware.

I would guess the issue here is that the manufacturer doesn't prove native drivers that OS X can use. Do the cameras that don't show up in the Finder sync directly with iPhoto? If not, then there's nothing you can do about it, short of writing your own driver for the camera.

Did you solved Camera problem? I have the same situation...

after much searching i figured it out! or my problem. my camera was showing up in iphoto (which i don't really use, it's a pain - i like to just copy files around, i have an awful lot of pictures), but not in finder at all. sometimes it would show in finder, but other times it wouldn't. really annoying. well after a lot of internet searching, make sure your camera is (under usb settings, or something) sent to usb mass storage (all cameras might not have the option). and then in finder preferences, under sidebar, check