I just bought my first Mac, and although I'm fairly comfortable with Linux, and am getting used to my Mac quickly, there are some differences I'm still not sure about. This may be blindingly obvious to everyone else, but when I start FireFox, which I installed yesterday, I get a little window appear with the FireFox logo on the left (quite big), another FireFox logo next to that, in mono (normal icon size), with a cross inside an arrow (copy?), and an arrow pointing to another icon, also in mono (normal icon size), of a folder. FireFox starts fine, but what is this window trying to tell me? Thanks in advance for any help. JD

Can you screenshot it?

you can upload it here by going advanced and cliking the paperclip icon, by the way.

I know what that picture means. The folder with the A on the right is your applicatins folder (like program files on windows). What means is that firefox is not installed correctly (maybe you are running it from your user area rather than the programs directory?)

So what should I do to make it right? It's already in the applications folder, and FF runs fine. I've just been ignoring it, and not clicking anything. Oh, and when I right click the FF logo in the dock, and select Show in Finder, the window pops up there as well, instead of in the finder window I was expecting.

hmm thats a wierd one, its probably something simple. im not a mac guy myself so wait around and hopefully someone more knowlegable than me can help you.

Firefox is distributed on a disk image, which is basically a compressed file. When you double-click it, you extract it into the memory. (That "Applications folder" you were wondering about is actually a watermark that you see when you open the disk image, it doesn't do anything.) Now you need to drag the file (it's an executable) into your real Applications folder.

  1. First, click on the white, round oval in the top right-hand corner of the window. This will show the sidebar, and among other folders, you'll see "Applications".
  2. Drag the Firefox icon onto the Applications folder.
  3. Eject the disk image by dragging the .dmg file onto the trash can.
  4. To run, open a new Finder window and open up the Applications folder, and run like you normally do. (Or drag it onto the dock if you want quick access.)

This is the standard procedure for installing any applications that are contained inside a .dmg file. You can now throw away the disk image file.

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