Okay so I am new to programming but I have a very basic knowledge of some things. I have been working with vba and I need to write a macro for a word document that only allows the people that are allowed into it to view it and I havent the foggiest idea on how to do that. Does anyone have any ideas or possibly a saved macro that they have used in the past that I might be able to use?

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cant you just password protect the file ?

because i know in word you can set passwords for files so only if you know the password you can view edit that file

Sure I could do that, But what I am looking for is to make it to where there are logins for the few people that are going to be able to view it. What I have it a document that has a rotating list of passwords for the production machinery that needs to be kept out of public access, but needs to be on the company network so that all of the people involved can get to it.

I agree, why not just create a folder on the network, chuck the word doc in the folder, and password protect the folder, and only those that know the password, will be able to access the folder.

Yeah you guys are probably right. I think that i was trying to over think the situation. Thanks.


Keep it simple, that is my motto when it comes to these things. However, I do not know anything about programming, and what you were trying to do, may still have an answer.

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