I have this file named Blocks on my hard drive that only appeared after a full system restore. It takes up a lot of space and I was wondering if I can get rid of it.

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Is the file in your add and remove list in control panel? If so delete it there.
Is the file in your "Start" "All programs" list?
What happens when you double click it?
Have you tried to right click it and scroll to delete and delete it that way?
Have you run any virus, malware or spyware programs to try and get rid of it?
If not try:-On-line Virus Scan

Go to one or all of these sites and do an online virus scan.




Check Malware

Go to http://www.besttechie.net/tools/mbam-setup.exe
and download and run Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware.

Check Spyware

Go to www.safer-networking.org and download and run Spybot

Im sure you're tried to delete it manually. if that failed to work than you might want to try this unlocker tool http://ccollomb.free.fr/unlocker/#download
its a simple tool thats allows you to right click the file that doesn't wanna delete and choose delete. If the deletion of the file is unsuccessful than you can choose a "force delete" on that file.

I don't think he's tried to delete it, just asking if it's safe to delete first.

It's probably some kind of back-up file from the program you used to do the restoration, so google the file name and the name of the software you used. This should tell you what it is and if it's safe to remove.

I ended up removing it because I coulnd't find any info on it. Im fairly sure it was used to updates and install the plugins, but since I did all that on my own I didnt need em

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