MidiMagic 579 Nearly a Senior Poster

One other reason I am keeping XP: I have real-time software that would have to be upgraded if I changed operating systems. (Real-time software drivers always have to be upgraded to work with the timing of the new OS.) The problem is that the company has gone out of business. There are no drivers available.

tuberose 0 Newbie Poster

Then along came Windows XP… at first I was turned off by the cartoonish graphics used for the Start Menu. But once I figured out how to enable the classic desktop, I was in heaven — and my computer could run for days or even weeks on end without crashing.

And you know what? That’s really all that most people want. Which is why, 10 years later Microsoft is still trying to convince people to upgrade to Windows 7 for the better security features, improved integration with cloud services, better media support, and other features.

James Donovan 0 Newbie Poster

XP has been around so long that most people are used to it. While its not akin to speaking different languages I believe the comfort factor can weigh heavily. Addtionally Vista left such a bad taste in everyones mouth that it has left many people gun shy about switching.

happygeek 2,411 Most Valuable Poster Team Colleague Featured Poster

I am still getting the security updates

AIUI even the XP SP3 updates will finish soon (2013/2014) and the SP2 updates have gone already.

JenniferArden 4 Jennifer

I think MS should create an XP Pro 2nd Edition in X86 and x64 versions that has the same technology as Windows 7 for Windows XP fans, they will make a killing in profits (actually very strange that they haven't) Those who want to buy and use it can do so and those who prefer Windows can do so, that way everyone is happy and MS still wins all the way.

ru60hz 0 Newbie Poster

In my opinion, Windows XP is not going to die yet. I'm still using it, our machines are still using it. Just imagine, if we're going to upgrade to W7 how much it will cost us. Nearly 20 machines using XP. In the office were using it, at home i'm using it and many people still coming asking to repair their pc are still using XP. Some times I would ask them if they wnat me to install W7, and they would reply "No, please, we want windows XP" I Admit I already use W7 but only for the purpose of learning but for now, I won't be upgrading not until I have a new computer or laptop.

xykoo -2 Newbie Poster

window xp is not as good as 7, xp crashed on my computer all the time


happygeek commented: spammer -2
neknek 0 Newbie Poster

I got a free copy of Windows 7 from a Microsoft event years ago, but it doesn't mean that I've stopped using XP on my other PC. However because it's a 32 bit OS, I admit there are limits. As for why Windows XP doesn't die, I think it's because not everyone sees the need to switch.

tez 0 Junior Poster in Training

I run XP and do not intend to use a later system unless I have no alternative because it's great, a stable system. Why all this fuss about getting a later product? Do we change our cars every time a new model comes out? ...and so on, and so on. If you are happy with your Windows 7, 8 etc that's great. Leave XP alone, it's not bothering you.

ams-fms -2 Newbie Poster

Ten years after it first arrived and a year after Microsoft stopped selling it, Windows XP survives.

It is an incredibly resilient piece of programming that has millions of fans around the world. But we can’t hold on forever. Microsoft promises to end support for the aging code in 2014. Though those few remaining years may not be enough time for all the people I know who are still running XP to finally stop.

it hard to let go.. hahaha

petzoldt01 0 Light Poster

In the Industrial arena, many of my softwares won't work (well) without XP; many are not even Vista compatible, and some of these are very large companies.

The paradigm of "dont fix it if it ain't broke" seems to be a big part of it. Security is a concern of course, but when you have dedicated libraries that can't handle constant update cycles due to deployment constraints, its not that surprising when some of these software platforms don't want to migrate at the pace of M$. "Legacy" has its place; don't kill it just because its good business.

I almost guarantee Vista will die before XP; XP was a great milestone for lots of software (think 2003).

Then again, I hate it when I can't snap windows and have them automatically resize to the screen :)

greenknight 0 Newbie Poster

Microsoft hasn't stopped supporting XP yet, that will happen April 8, 2014. Lack of support isn't an argument for leaving XP behind until then. If it does everything you need, why not hang on to it as long as you can?

johhny-marshal 2 Junior Poster

Windows XP is an old and effective version of Windows. It is very good for heavy software operation and for internet purposes also. That's the reason that most of the companies are still using Windows XP and it would be more difficult for them to upgrade as it is time consumig and the important data might lose.

oalee 53 cyberkill(ed) Team Colleague

One reason why a lot of XP users are reluctant to upgrade is because it took a while before they released a new version (Vista) and on 2 years after that they released Windows 7. A lot of people got used to having WinXP on their computers. It's basically the long time-gap between XP and Vista which made people very comfortable with WinXP. Right now, I work with Windows Tech Support and one of the reasons why people don't want to upgrade is the price. $200+ is simply too steep for an operating system that really doesn't offer much in terms of what people needs. Programmers and hardcore computer users would probably switch in a heartbeat but casual users doesn't really need Windows 7 (yet). What Win7 offers users that they want to upgrade from WinXP is basically the XP Mode which is free and downloadable from the website. This lets you use WinXP in parallel with Win7 just in case there are no more drivers available for your hardware or software incompatibilities arises.

MidiMagic 579 Nearly a Senior Poster

We need laws protecting consumers from the upgrade scam.

The law should state that either the computer or software manufacturer provides service and support for its products for 20 years (like the parts law for automobiles) or the patents and copyrights on the abandoned products go to public domain the moment they stop providing service and support.

MidiMagic 579 Nearly a Senior Poster

I just got updates today.

Palebushman 8 Bush IT Poster

I have been using Win XP (SP6) or Win 7 (SP1) if you prefer; for quite a while now. All the bling does not impress me, so it is all disabled. Had HP 7 not been pre-installed on my laptop, I would never have chosen it. The machine I use the most, a self assembled tower, runs XP Pro (SP3) with MS Security Essentials. If Mr 'Howling' Ballmer forces me to purchase and learn a new operating system, I will head straight into an Apple store.

dee101g 0 Junior Poster

People felt burned by Millenium (WindowsME) and Vista. XP, once it got to SP2, was quite solid. Many users don't want to have to adapt to the UI changes ... their machine is a tool, not something to take their time.

Personally, I like Windows 7, as far as MS OS's go. I moved from my XP machine to 7 quite a while ago. I still have the XP machine, though ... some applications that weren't upgraded remain personal favourites.

greenknight 0 Newbie Poster

The price of updating is a deal-breaker for me. I'm thinking of switching to Linux when XP goes EOL. I could then run XP in a VM for those programs that just won't work in Linux.

MidiMagic 579 Nearly a Senior Poster

I want an operating system that is stable over all time, not one that has to change so a greedy company can get richer.

caperjack 875 I hate 20 Questions Team Colleague

I want an operating system that is stable over all time, not one that has to change so a greedy company can get richer.

Linux or build your own i guess ,lol

JwAlstrom 0 Newbie Poster

23-August-'12 -
I like OutLook Express -
it is so much better than Win-7 "Live-Mail".
It tells me how many messages are in the que to download.
I can use Cntrl-M to initiate sending or downloading.
Is there any way of using Outlook Express with Win-7 ???

Palebushman 8 Bush IT Poster

"Live Mail" is supposed to be half Outlook and half Outlook Express, quite why "Live Mail" has an intergrated calandar, when Win 7 has a desktop calendar widget, who knows. And as for that infernal 'Ribbon', lets not go there either.
I replaced "Live Mail" with Thunderbird, nice UI and very functional. Simplicity is always a winner with me.

caperjack 875 I hate 20 Questions Team Colleague

not sure why you don't like live mail it does all I need to do with a email program ,I have 4 email acct setup in it and it works just great , I don't use a calender[just living day to day ,lol] so im allright I guess

degarb 0 Newbie Poster

XP is light, fast, secure, works with old machines and sw.

Win 7 is painfully slow, when considering how fast the new machines are (quad cpu i5, 8 gig ram, faster hd). Missing shortcuts, mean hours trying to do simple things like find a dos window to run a weather script, or ripping script (which may use 16 bit programs).

I get security updates weekly. This, on top bufferzone, pe gaurd/peg2, and immunet (all are very small and fast). Not to mention, I don't need to try new sw anymore since I searched, tried, and paid for most of what I need by 2003 (about 90 core programs. If I upgrade to newest scam, I would need to start all over.

Now, I do not like Ubuntu. Even with lxde, it still is heavier/ less responsive than xp on my 2 gig P4 gen fleet of computers. Also, I am a sw snob, and not found suitable replacements for most my sw on linux.

In short, win7 did not fix most my complaints and irritations with xp, rather it increased them.

degarb 0 Newbie Poster

"We need laws protecting consumers from the upgrade scam.

The law should state that either the computer or software manufacturer provides service and support for its products for 20 years (like the parts law for automobiles) or the patents and copyrights on the abandoned products go to public domain the moment they stop providing service and support."

This is a very intriguing suggestion! You only need to use a computer for 15 years to figure out this is desparately needed! Unfortunately, most our legistlators are lawyers, and functionally illiterate. Computers are way beyond their intelligence level. I doubt if Republicans would sign on.

Still, someone should start a website and allow suggestions for crafting the wording to cover any forced upgrades without the option for keeping a working old program. Also, we NEED to get on the ball, before rented software make all computer users "another serf to the cloud", with monthly rental as the only way to make a compatible document. !!!!!!!!



Palebushman 8 Bush IT Poster

"We need laws protecting consumers from the upgrade scam."

degarb, you are absobloodylutely spot on!!
How about we start a Google Blogspot on these very valid points of yours. Maybe there might just be a 'Legal Eagle' with some serious clout, that will start the ball rolling to get these points in to law, who knows? NOTHING VENTURED, NOTHING GAINED.

goedel 0 Newbie Poster

XP is my OS because it does not require a hardrive with 100s of gigabytes of capacity, nor does it need more than 2 gig of RAM; not for my uses of my 2004 computer. I am a minimalist and would like to see computers designed with low end users in mind as well as for people whose work requires super speed, HD capacity, and RAM. Such a computer as mine with only 37 gig HD allows me to correspond, obtain information, and do my financial transactions. I don't need a computer that costs $400 or more. I need one that costs only $200 or less! It may be that the cost of computer power, speed, memory, etc., has gone down in quantity per dollar, but I don't need all that quantity. I don't need programs that take 10s of gigabytes of HD. Keep the costs down and the warranties up!

JenniferArden 4 Jennifer

Agreed, XP is adequate and sufficient for the average PC / laptop user including myself, however there is bad news, someday manufacturers will not provide drivers for XP anymore, I am already having problems using my HP Deskjet 930C and Officejet Pro 8500 Plus on XP x64

M6BYN 0 Newbie Poster

this is what im using at moment its 149 megs TinyXP beast
Operating System RAM Memory Usage = 42Mb
WINDOWS Folder = 321.6 Mb
Running Processes on First Install = 13
Install Time for Windows = Seven Minutes

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