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my son will be the one setting it up .some say windows 8.1 is good opertaing sytem same say no. xp was a good O.S windows 7 is good to vista was crap me was crap to . it wont be any time real soon but appreciate heads up

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I've got a few friends who say 8.1 is good... I personally don't see how it could possibly be good...
heck, it requires 1GB of RAM just to run... not good for 3 of my compys I currently have running XP.
heck, my secondary, which is the most used of my XP compys, runs 600MB just for the desktop.
(and my added services such as DropBox and Copy)
^ I can get XP running on 400MB (last I hacked it anyways)

I can say 7 is good for noobs, except for the fact that it infects itself no matter what you do (blame Internet Explorer).
just don't connect to a router and you can do what you want with it... heh

WinXP is decent for noobs but arguably the most customizable considering what you can do.
(I've made WinXP work like 7, window transparency and all)
arguably though Win98 allows more customization (reported by a local friend who's hacked 98 to look like, I think 7 or Vista)

as far as anything above XP... I really could care less about them because of MS's user-control implementations since Vista.
if I was to hack into their user-control interfaces, I could access anyone's compy at my own will.
scary thought huh... heh
it's the very reason I still use XP, which csrss.exe is the worst form of user-control it has (I do believe it's patched in XP x64)
Comodo HIPS will notify you if csrss.exe tries to do anything funny and allow you to stop it. ;)

MS needs to stop throwing sugar-coated monkey-poop at their user-base. :P

also, yes, Vista, ME, and 95 were all crap :P
(call them Beta OS's)

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I switched to Linux exclusively a long time ago (about 10 years) and have not regretted it in the least! I still run WinXP and Win7 in virtual machines, and they do catch viruses occasionally. Linux? Never a problem.

Tcll commented: just be careful not to elude people into thinking linux can't get viruses ;) +4
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@Tcll - yes, you can get malware on Linux, but it is a LOT harder than with MS systems. The fact that the default Linux user is not the sysadmin is part of that. If you disable sysadmin privileges to the default Windows user, then it becomes much more robust in that regard. Ditto, Mac OSX systems.

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yea, I'm not talking about that though... heh

I did that with 7 and it still infec- er... killed itself...
(I even removed the infectious system processes being used such as IE and Windows PowerShell)
^ I broke more things than I fixed and couldn't repair the damage I did. :P

I'm running Xubuntu on my laptop now... :P

while Xubuntu has an automated updates system and such like Windows, it's not corrupt and is much more secure in itself.
not to mention, if someone exploits anything, it's usually patche and updated within the day.

I don't recommend trusting Windows Update because while it does the same thing, it also:
- destroys your OS (windows won't boot or blue-screens after an update)
- installs infectious content (when you think you're installing an update)
- requires you to restart on just ubout EVERY update (linux restarts are almost rare)

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@Tcll - ah, another Linux user I see! FWIW, you can also find me on the Linux Forums, also under the handle Rubberman. Holler if you need any help, or have advice for all the lurkers there! :-)

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

haha thanks, I'm on over 40 forums though so I won't be subscribing to anything new any time soon unless I really have to :P
you can find me on the Ubuntu and Xfce forums, I usually go by either Tcll(5850) or DarkPikachu (same avatar)

feel free to share my advice though ;)
just note, nothing I say is 100% solid and might change as I learn more about, anything really...

knowledge level: I know enough about windows to program for the windows registry and hack a few of it's contents,
but as far as getting dirty with it, there may be possible issues... heh

linux wasn't all that hard for me to pick up as it's moderately similar to windows in a few ways.
though I've replaced explorer.exe with SharpEnviro <3 <3, and have tested a few file manager replacements (which sucked)
XFCE is almost exactly like SharpEnviro, and my favorite file manager is Dolphin, though Thunar helps where Dolphin fails.
(KDE is a drug, it's just as poisonous as Java and .NET)
^ actually, Java isn't AS poisonous, but it's still pretty bad... heh

the only problem with linux is the lack of good software programmers... heh
(linux programmers tend to believe the terminal is god and GUIs are good for crap)
^ I've written my own complete GUI using OpenGL quads and can say a GUI can be just as powerful with enough common sense applied.

I'm still stuck with an issue of not being able to play my console game through my compy's sound system WHILE talking with my friends on skype...
I can only do either/or, muting either my mic or line-in ports, because Pulse Audio sucks and can't comprehend 2 input sources on 1 sound card (like MOST computers have).
@developers: WTF

so yea, linux IS 10x better than windows, however there's alot of lack of common sense with what should be good software.

for example, EXT4 is 10x better than NTFS ;)

one thing I hate though is linux doesn't understand the importance of The Registry offered in Windows.
if linux had that, things would probably be alot cleaner and a tad less strict on the user.

basically, it can be compared to programming...
think of the registry as a large modifiable class holding the common and easily accessable data for every program.
this is much better than having to mess things up by using a dynamic file-system like linux does.

if linux devs started working on the Win2000 kernel, the world would be a much better place =)

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yea about that rubberman im going to switch to Linux soon

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Every software supplier that drops XP compatibility is keeping the poor from using their software. We had a company here donate hundreds of XP PCs to a local secondhand store.

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

Every software supplier that drops XP compatibility is keeping the poor from using their software. We had a company here donate hundreds of XP PCs to a local secondhand store.

try spelling it this way:
every software developer that uses:
- WinAPI
- .NET
- DirectX
- any other common (and some uncommon) MS libraries
is keeping the poor from using their software.

I once met a steam developer who chose to use DX11 for rendering a SNES game.
(I just tried looking for the link to my thread reporting the issue... it may have been deleted)
so yea, I couldn't play his game because he used DX11 instead of the more than capable DX9

but there's more than that, especially since MS broke .NET support for XP.
it's not because of that false new unsupported features facade, it's because MS doesn't want people using XP, otherwize it wouldn't matter which version of windows we used.
so MS broke .NET like they broke everything else and hindered everyone just to make a quick buck.

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alrighty i got to the installation screen but turned off 3 seconds later my computers being a bitch...

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