Ok, I installed this game a long time ago, Knight Online. For awhile now I have been trying everything I can to get rid of it off my computer and everytime I try by using the Remove Programs, it starts up briefly and then I get an error saying "Version Comparison Failed"

I have already tried removing Reg keys, using alternate uninstall programs, nothing is removing it. :( It is an old version, there is already a very new version out. So I have had no luck finding the older version.

I'm trying to free up as much space as I can on my computer right now, and this little pain is one thing that has got to go!

I didn't know where else to post this issue.

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did you try to remove bit by bit before?i made that mistake,and the it gets stuck,if you are sure go to programs files and just delete it,than you can use ccleaner,to remove some parts off it..i am not an expert,but this is what i do...the most important in the first place to unistal it correctly in the first place before deleting bit by bit...good luck


Yes, you can indeed use CCleaner (formerly Crap Cleaner) or even jv16 PowerTools: this one has a free trial if I recall well, and chances are it would do the job, but be EXTREMELY CAREFUL - don't delete things you really don't know about and ALWAYS backup. If something goes nuts, restore. Don't do what the doctor does, do what he says ^_^ (aaah silly me.)

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