Latley I figured I would try using Windows DVD Maker to burn DVDs, versus using the super basic version of Roxio that came with my PC. I like the varitety of menu styles and features it has (for a freebie), but the encoding process before burning is extremely slow. To burn an hour and a half of video it took 5 1/2 HOURS!!!!!!!!! Is it just generally slow or is there a way to speed it up.

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What are your computer specs?

Running Vista 64bit mine is quite fast.

It's an HP Pavillion a6200n. Vista Home Premium 32 bit, 2.6 GHz AMD processor, 2.5 GB RAM (2 one gig stix and a 512 mb) NVidia graphics

what about your dvd drive your computer seems quick enough it unlikely to be the software could be a hardware conflict or fault
you got any errors (? or !) in device manager. If not update your cd/dvd driver and firmware from the manufacures not microsofts website and it should solve the problem.

the drive is speedy, works quick with roxio and ulead, no problems in the device manager
i will try the update, but the computer is only a month old

if it works speedy with roxio then it must be vista needing an update or your dvd drive needing an update even though your comp may be a month old companies release new firmware and drivers very often

commented: thanks for the help +1

Thanks, its a little faster now after an update

Thanks, but I am really just trying to see if there is a faster way to use DVD Maker

Hi all, yesterday i started burning a movie on dvd using the windows dvd maker, since 4pm yesterday till today it has only burned 71%. Slow? So i kept it overnight assured it would be complete when i wake up but even though there are no error messages and the software is still running it seems to have stopped burning. It hasn't went past 71%. What do i do? Should i cancel it and try all over again, or should i wait and see what happens? Please somebody help

I have a new HP computer with Windows 7. My Windows DVD Maker is so slow. It takes an hour to burn a movie? Any suggestions?

Someone had posted the answer to this and I can't find the thread.

Go to task Manager (shift/alt/del)
Click on Processes
Right click on Windows DVD Maker
Click on Priority
Change Priority to High

This does make it run faster but I don't think anything will make it lightening quick.

Your not burning the entire time, if you read the status bar it is encoding, which is frame by frame, and is generally slow unless you are a

Heres a trick I discovered by accident:

Step 1: Select AVI file, Choose menus, Hit "burn"
Step 2: Open task manager right away and find DVDMaker.exe in the process window
Step 3: As soon as encoding hits 0.3 percent set the priority to high

If encoding jumps to 2.5 percent or higher shortly after then the trick is working, I tested this on Core 2 and Core quad with great results.


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