Hi, Explorer used to remember past information I'd entered into web forms and gave me the option of autofilling when it looked like I was re-entering the same info (very useful for eBay feedback, book database author searches, etc). This facility has suddenly stopped working - is there a setting hidden somewhere in Explorer or Windows that I've accidentally changed that I can reset? If it helps - I've also just installed Norton Systemworks 2006, could this be the culprit? Many thanks.

Open internet explorer .. go to tools --> internet options --> content --> autocomplete ... and make sure that forms is checked ..

Hi Nanosani - many thanks for the info, it's now working ok. However I still have a problem when using my "Back" arrow (not mentioned previously) - until recently data I'd entered in a web form would be remembered if I used the "Back" arrow, so if I'd made a mistake I just had to edit the incorrect data and resubmit. When using the "Back" arrow now it takes me back to a completely empty web form and everything has to be re-entered again from scratch. Any ideas??? Thanks again for your help - much appreciated.

Does this happen to one site or every site that has forms??

Go to internet options --> general --> settings ... confirm that "Automatically" radio box is selected.

Hi Nanosani - it happens on every site that has forms. The "Automatically" radio box is already selected. I've experimented with the other buttons without any luck (should I exit and restart Explorer for any such changes to take effect???). Previously when I made an entry error and used the "Back" button my original entries were still visible and could just be edited as required - all I get now is a blank data entry form so everything needs to be re-entered.