>how do you get the band titles to appear on each page of a cross-functional
>flow chart? I did not 'insert' page [becuase it creates a seperate tab] but
>rather changed my page size to create a continuous flow chart. And the
>functional bands are only on page 1. I need them to appear on each page -

Hey DainHead,

I don't think you'll be able to add multiple function-band-sets to a single page. The cross-functional flowchart solution has special code that assumes (and enforces) that there is only one swim-lane set per page.

If you intend to have a big page that acts as a whole bunch of separate pages, the solution won't understand nor allow that. The whole page will be one big swim-lane, with only one set of bands.

However, you can select the top-level frame (click on the <Process Name> title bar) and resize your bands to fit the entire page. This shouldn't be a problem.

If you click on the lane header "<Function>", then you can also make the lanes taller or shorter.

After re-reading your question, it's not 100% clear to me what the problem is, but hopefully I've given you some insight...?


Visio Guy