*******CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME???************

Just wondered could someone please help me.
I have windows xp.
I can be doing anything on the computer and it looses connection with the monitor and printer key pad and mouse it is like the computer is shut down but I can hear it running and the lights in the case are still on.
It is so frustrating and I would really love some advice please.
I have had it looked at and the man did not know what was wrong with it.

Sometimes it shuts the whole system down and I can not restart it for 20 mins. It can shut down at anytime sometimes it is 2hours sometimes it is 10mins?
This has just started to happen also sometimes it is like it shuts down and this Blue page comes up with a warning from windows?


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You're in the right place.
We really need to know what the blue screen says. Not the numbers so much as the text.
Open Control Panel/Admin Tools/Event Viewer
Look under System and Application for red marks and tell us about the ones that occur about the same time as this error.

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