Can anyone please tell me what they believe to be the BEST antivirus, anti-spyware and firewall....I have quiet a few virus related problems a year :S

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Welcome to the site! Windows Firewall is sufficient. I recommend the following for your virus & spyware problems: AVG & Spybot search and destroy. Both programs are free with updates constantly. If you notice your PC is slow, your registry may have errors. We recommend that you scan your computer with the Hi-jack this & post it in the Virus section of this forum to be analyzed.

Fix your registry problems with Uniblue Registry booster. Scan for Virus and Spy with Zone Alarm Internet Security. These programs should fix most of your problems.

I agree using AVG Anti Virus. It is reliable and update regularly. However, no best anti virus can protect if you deliberately download programs from suspected sites. An attitude towards safety is the best solutions

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