I am a teacher in the North Eastern part of Thailand. This morning, while booting up the classroom computer, the keyboard did not power up. The mouse was functioning, I accessed the device manager, and saw that the keyboard was unrecognized. After some fiddeling around I mistakingly disabled the USB hub for the mouse. NOW, I can't do anything. I am using my personal Mac right now.
Sooo, is there anyone out there who can help me figure thins thing out. My resources are a bit limited in regards of getting other keyboards, etc.
Thanks a million...

Is this machine, connected to any domain controller?? I some cases the keyboard donst get recoganised you might well have to restart the computer once again. In order to recoganise. Do you see any power light on the keyboard i.e the num lock key on your keyboard lit up?

Alternatively start your computer with the safe mode and see if you can do something from there!


Hey Sharish,
Thank you for the quick reply; No, there is no light on the keyboard, even when I restart the damn thing. The mouse does light up during the booting, but then goes limp...I tried doing some stuff while booting but nothing happened, since the keyboard does not have any power.

Well, if you dont see your num light on the keyboard, then the power stuff to that key board is not give. Is it possible to check that keyboard with the different computer and see if your see any LED's lit up.

This is to just make sure that if the problem is with your keyboard or the CPU. If it does get a light lit up on your keyboard after connecting on to a different CPU then the problem is with the CPU, especially with the PS/2 or the USB which ever keyboard connector your using.


But the CPU problem would not have let him do other things would it? I mean he was able to use his mouse to get in the system and then mistakenly deactivate teh USB controller. If CPU was the problem then he would not have been able to get anywhere.


Well, when I refer CPU I mean the cabinet!!!! It could be anything within the cabinet the ports, MB, memory anything etc.


Now that could be bit misleading, you know CPU would be the heart of PC. well never mind. It wont be the cpu, but it could be the port where you plug in the keyboard. You can try using hte keymoard on a different machine and see if it works. If it does not then you got the culprit. If it works with other machine then you might have to test the keyboard jack with another keyboard, could be any other keyboard from other classroom just to check whether they work on your machine. If they dont then i think it is the Keyboard kjack that has had it. You may be able to find a USB keyboard jack where one end is standard keybaord jack to get the keyboard plugged in and the other end is standard USB jack to be plugged to a USB port on your machine. See if you get any hope with these suggestions.


Ahhh...forgot even witht he USB jack to plug the keyboard in it wont work as you have disabled the usb controller havent you??

This is going to be interesting now. I ll get back to you on this one later mate.


if in the event of conflict with OS files than you can reset the cmos and for a couple of minutes and see how it behaves.but if it is a physical componant like the broken connector port than you will have no luck with cmos reset.
if you have usb's in the front and back/side of tower and youve disabled the back,depending on your mobo design you might wanna stick your usb mouse in the front/side set of usb and you might get it back in action.reseting th ecmos might even fix th usb

is the keyboard a usb type or a PS/2? if it is a usb type it is probably refusing to work even after restarting bcos you already disabled the USB controller. Do this look for a PS/2 mouse and go to the device manager. Up there you will see an icon shaped like a computer. it says scan for hardware changes. Click on it. It will scan for the devices installed on the computer including the USB controller. if you uninstalled the drivers for this you will be prompted to reinstall them and then you can start using you USB stuff.

for ctech-currently he has no keyboard and mouse that will work,his usb is disabled and I assume he had a ps/2 keyboard.

maby our teacher got it right cos he never returned.

See that is what he is trying to avoid. Buying new hardware. Now c'mon guys let those upper floors get working and see what can we get to without him buying new devices.

Now also a suggestion is to try other mice from other pc in the school...given if there are any. If not then i am afraid there is not much we could do to help other than to buy a new set of keyboard and mouse.

How did it go with the testing of keyboard on other machine and other machine's keyboard on yours???let us know.


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