Hi there,

I hope that there is some out there able to assist with my query.

I make back-ups of all my software programs. Just in case something goes wrong with the CD's. I am now trying to install Microsoft Office 2007 on my computer, but the installation keeps on referring to a missing file. When I look for the file manually, I can locate the file.
But the installation process refuses to "read" the file. I am now under the impression that this file is indeed corrupts, or the CD became damaged.
The file which I am looking for is called dwtrig20.exe and is located in the Office-US-EN folder. If I am not mistaken. I do not want to download the entire package from the internet, as the file is the only item I am needing. I have the registration key and everything else.

Is there perhaps someone who will be able to assist myself with the location of a duplicate file?

All assistance will be welcomed.

Thanx and have a great day!!!

Jaco Olivier

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I would grab my old cd drive and see if that drive can read the disk.sounds like a disk reading problem


Hey Sittas, I tried it on both my computer and the laptop. Not to sure what else to try.


sounds like its the content on the disk thats corrupt.Im afraid thats what happened. not much else that can be the case

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