I am having a problem with IE6. I may have deleted some necessary files when I did a clean up on my computer. When I go to several internet sites and want to download, the bar at the bottom of the screen immediately says "done" but nothing happened. One of these pages that I was trying to download was http://www.realpageslive.com/axintro.htm
Can anyone help me figure out what to do?

The file you are downloading is only 1 meg so if you are on high speed internet it wouldn't take long to download .Did you try to use the directory and see if it leaves the icon on your desktop !

Oh yes, and it didn't do anything. I have another computer and was able to download it on it without any problems. And it leaves an icon on the desktop.

I guess nobody has any suggestions about why IE will not load some of the pages. When I hit some links, the bar at the bottom of the IE page goes immediately to done and hasn't done anything. Anyone want to try to help me again?

Just wanted to let everyone know that I fixed my problem. Apparently the Microsoft Visual Basic Script support was missing or corrupted. I installed Windows Script 5.6 Update (file name scr56en.exe) from Microsoft and now it works. Thanks for the input

i have downloaded what you said in hopes that this problem would be cleared up and it didn't work. does anybody have any other ideas??