At Home I have tried to share an internet connection on a LAN through the WIN XP's Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service. My PC is connected to the internet via a Wireless EDGE Modem. I have used dynamic IP configuration (DHCP) to the PC's in the LAN. After sharing the connection, for a few minutes everything works fine. But after that A dialog box appears with the title "Generic host process for Win32 services" and the MODEM gets disconnected, so the internet connection. I have talked to many people but have not found a solution. Please Can Anyone help me how to fix this problem.I require a steady shared connection at my home in windows platform preferably Win XP.

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I've seen this many times before and I believe that your problem may very well a firewall related one.

You may be running Zone Alarm Pro or any other software firewall that's preventing internet access since it detects another computer accessing services on your main computer.

Turn-off the software firewall on your computer and see if the problem goes away. if it does then, there's a way to have it working even if turned on if you just do some permission changes on the software firewall itself(ZoneAlarm, Norton internet security etc.)

Hope this helps.

If it doesn't call 1-877-787-8749. If they can't fix the problem, it's free. or just tell them you have this promo code "support" and they give you free call.

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