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Got a really wierd issue here. In both Excel 2003 and Word 2003, when you type the word October, and it is only October, when you press the tab or enter button or click the next cell, whatever it always drops it to lower case when you have typed it in uppercase. If you put an "S" on the end it will stay uppercase. If you go to the cell below where you have just typed it will remain in uppercase for the rest of that column, if you type else where it will revert to lowercase.
I have run all anti virus checks and spyware checks, checked to see if there is a macro written to change it, checked the formatting, checked the dictionary, checked the default formatting in the advanced windows of formatting. I double checked all setting against another PC and everything seems fine and is the same but it still will not keep the formatting when you tab or enter away from the cell.
Microsoft are as useful as a chocolate teapot because as far as they are concerned even though the copy is legal and licenced and paid for they will not support it bacause as far as they are concerned it is out of support phase - what bollocks - but anyway!
If anyone can please help with this it will be most useful.


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Hello Dragon. As you state, your issue is most strange. I tried to search a solution to your problem but this is the best I could come up with.

How to change the case of text in Excel

I will search again to find a similar solution for Word. Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance.

-- Broledh

Hi Broledh

I have seen those guidelines but the problem is that it is ONLY October (so far) that does this - no other word, month year etc has the same issue which is what is so confounding with this issue. I am dont want to have to uninstall the office program coz there is probably an obscure setting in the registry that will just reinclude the problem and I really really dont want to do a full system rebuild just for 1 stupid Month not staying in uppercase.

But thanks for the idea.

OK, then I suspect that it a problem with the inbuilt dictionary in office. You could try importing a new dictionary or instead importing the default dictionary from an existing working computer.

How to add a custom dictionary in Word

Let us know if it helps or not. Good Luck. :)

-- Broledh

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