I Recently Had An Error Come Up On Shutdown. I Beleive It Has To Do With The Office Program 2003. I Had To Reinstall The Software For Office And I Also Installed The Office 2003 Program On A New Machine. Both Machines
Have Now Come Up With This Error On Shutdown. The Error Reads Wms Idel.
I Have Searched The Microsoft Site And Get Little Help. Both Machines Are Running Xp Pro. They Are Both Up To Date On The Updates. Does This Error Have Anythiung To Do With The Communicator Program In Office? Any Suggestions?

When you go to shutdown your computer close everything down to your desktop. Open "Task Manager" and see if the "Process" Outlook.exe is still running.

To open taskmanager: Rightclick on bottom toolbar and click "Task Manager". Then click on the Processes tab.

If Outlook.exe is still running hightlight it then hit the "End Process" button. Now close Task Manager and shutdown the computer. If it closes normaly then you can check out http://www.slipstick.com/problems/close.htm to learn how to stop the Outlook.exe process.

Let us know if this helps.

Looking at the task manager on shutdown it was not running. I even uninstalled the office program and the error is still there. I llooked at the site you gave me and i don't have any of those programs installed. any more suggestions?

You post a suggestion to my problem I wanted to let you know what has happened. Outlook was not running in task panel. I went to run and did msconfig to see what was booting on start. The list of programs showed me everthing booting on start up. I disabled tham all and went back and checked the ones that I knew were safe. There was one and with a combination it was giving me the wms error the program was nero 7.
So I unistalled it. Went into the registery and tried to find everything to do with nero and deleted it . What I have left is no error but I still have it listed in the start up in the msconfig I can't get it off the panel and as long as it is there i cannot change the selective start up option back to normal. There is another peice of trash in there also listed and i can't get it off the panel either. (That other trash was something left from a program I unistalled.It was giving mea delivery manager error on start up ) The WMS Idel erro was a shutdown error. Do you have any suggetions as how i can get them off the panel (This panel is the one where it shows all your booting info)

Do you have any suggetions as how i can get them off the panel (This panel is the one where it shows all your booting info)

If it still shows in the process of the task manger its still running on you computer !
I use hijackthis ,insted of msconfig to stop program i don't want running on startup ,all you have to to is check off to fix the 04 entry's in hijackthis .

I Have Done Hijack This Before . I Did This An D It Still Does Not Take It Off The Start Up Menu.

Thanks For The Link This Sounds Like What I Am Looking For I Will Try This Tomorrow When I Get Back To Office.

regiserty is cleaned . all items are out of start up.