Hello all together,

my old computer with WinME got a really bad virus that I couldn't remove so I reinstalled the OS. The trouble is, that after the setup BIOS tells me that no OS is installed - which seems to me that the MBR (first sector with information about OSs and partitions) is not updated by Win. What can be the problem?

Many thanks in advance

PS Personally I just can think of one other possibility. I can delete the first partition completely with Linux so that Win creates a ew one. Do you think that might help?

In the BIOS check sure that theres not an option called aomething like Bootloader/MBR antivirus/write protect

Some BIOSes have it as an option to write protect the MBR to protect it viruses hiding in there. However, this is bad if you are installing an OS, obviosly...

Your best bet is something called Hirens Boot CD. You can download it for free and what it offers is about 300 hundred different tools to do pretty much anything you could imagine both software and hardware wise. I forgot the site that hiren has set up to download it but there is a Wiki that you should read about it before you download. It is truly the most versatile cd I have ever used. Just search Google.