I have been using my laptop for 2 years and never had an issue like this. I keep it as clean as possible with 20GB space on the HD and regularly run AVG etc.

In the past few days when I have been using itunes I have noticed it jumping and skipping. It is not the actual music. It is the CPU reaching 100%. I am simply using firefox or Iexplorer but I have noticed that in the processes of task manager itunes goes up to 95-99% and jumps.

Or other times itunes will be 30%, firefox 70% and it jumps. Either way the CPU usage goes to 100% very frequently.

Is this an itunes issue? It doent happen when I am only using itunes but I notice it more then as the music jumps - but I'm sure it happen when itunes is not running also.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Adam

Re: 100% CPU Usage - itunes struggling 80 80

Do you have the latest version on itunes? You might want to visit the laptop mftg's website and see if there are any updates for you specific system.

Re: 100% CPU Usage - itunes struggling 80 80

You might want to uninstall any new software that you have recently installed. It could also be causing your system to have a resource issue. Also you should run a good anti virus scan on your system also. Some viruses have been known to cause a 100 cpu usage.

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