I have a Sony VAIO VGN A417S - purchased Jul 05

I can no longer access the Entertainment package. When I try to open it up I get the following message:

Runtime Error!

Program: C:\Program Files\ony\VAIO Entertainment\VAIOEnt.exe

R6025 -
pure virtual function call

Can anybody help? Do I have to install something? Is there a patch to fix this? I have tried to e-mail Sony, who do not reply.

I moved house and somewhere in the move the ability to watch TV and DVDs on my computer has been lost.

All help appreciated.

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Do you have the software?

if so reinstall it.

I do not have any software.
Everything was preinstalled from the outset.
I have no discs whatsoever.


tell me the name of the application.

I am trying to access the VAIO Zone. This application ordinarily allows me to watch DVD, watch TV, record TV, play music and look at photographs.

When you double click it, it looks like it is about to kick in, then the failure message comes up.

I am flummoxed.


When I Trying To Open Msn Live I Face With Runtime Error -r6025 Pure Virtual Function Call

Please Help Me


Can't anyone give an answer to this question??? Millions of people out there someone should know the answer...

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