Today I'm using AllWay Sync ( to synchronise "my documents"-folder between my desktop and my laptop over LAN. Since "my documents" contains about 50.000 files it takes quite a long time when AllWay Sync synchronic this folder - because it search through every file on both my desktop and laptop to find out which files has been changed.

This is bad, since I sometimes know a subfolder inside my "my document"-folder which I have to quickly sync among this to PCs - this could be a subfolder like "My Documents/Study/Cources/IT-Security". I don't have one hour to wait until all ~50.000 files have been checked to on both devices, before this single subdirectory is synchronised.

In software like Tortoise SVN, I can right-click my folder, at "update" it among the Subversion server.

Does anybody know synchronisation software, which can handle my problem? If I had made a sync-profile for the directory (d:/Documents/), it would be nice, if I could right-click any subfolder inside the Documents-folder, and only synchronise this single folder instead of the complete folder structure.

My question is:

Why do you have 50000 files in your "my Documents" folder?

How many of those files are actually in active use and need to be synchronized?

Using My Computer, I created a folder on the C drive called My Stuff. Then I used My Computer to move all of the folders I need to keep, but that are not in current use, out of the My Documents folder and into the My Stuff folder.

An example of things I keep in folders within My Stuff instead of My Computer:
- Photos I have taken
- Anything I download
- Finished projects (you can drag it back to My Documents if needed)
- Previous year's files
- Email backups

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