First off hello to everyone. I'm having issues with both my scanner and video camera and for both of them I'm receiving an error code 19 (for registry). Here are my problems.

I have a sony digital video recorder and I can play video off the sony chip but the computer doesn't recognize the camera when I try to play streaming video. That is connected through the firewire and I have run other things through the firewire line to make sure that the connection and wire were actually good.

Second, I have an HP all in one printer, copier and scanner. The printer and copier functions work on the computer but the scanner does not. I get the same error 19 for this also.

Consequently I hooked both of these up to my older laptop and they both work fine so I know the scanner and camera are both good.

Check in services that Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) service is set to at least manual.

Go run and type services.msc.

I went home at lunch and it was set to automatic so I actually set it to manual but haven't had time to do anything with it yet.

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