To all most honorable members,

Thanks for the opportunity to join this community. Here is my problem message and a little background:

Windows cannot access the specified device. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.

I run Windows XP Home Edition. I can't access User Accounts in Control Panel. I can't open downloaded programs. I can't remove programs in the Add/Remove section of Control Panel. I can't use a downloaded fix because I can't open it once it is downloaded.

I don't know what to do. I've recently installed the latest and greatest Windows Media Player, Malwarbytes, Online Armor, and RegCure. They all seem to work perfectly well but than what do I know? I'm lost and need a fix.

I don't recall choosing a password when setting up my XP but perhaps I just forgot#%*! duh. However I do remember making sure everyone in my household had the same right of use and never had to type any special passwords to access anything. Anyway my household is now only my wife and myself so no worry about anyone messing around and not fessing up.

Ypu are facing these problems most probably because you are not the 'Administrator'....
To check:

#Open Command Prompt (Start/All Programs/Accessories/command prompt) and type 'net user'

You will get a list of all the accounts present in the get detailed info about any account type :

'net user XYZ' where XYZ=the account u are using OR any other available account....

Check if the account from which you have logged has the value of 'Local Group Memberships' set to 'Administrators'...

Thanks, I tried your suggestion, ie: (type) net user at command prompt.
Result: Access denied

Any other ideas?

Click Start then Run

Type cmd then press enter

In the command prompt type the following:
at 15:38 /interactive cmd.exe

Replace the 15:38 with a time two minutes ahead of your computer's current time.

At the time you put in a second window should open.

Close the first window, the one that didn't just pop up

If this works use control+alt+delete to and bring up the task manager. Look for a program called explorer.exe and press the end now button.

In the second window type explorer.exe and press return.

If this all worked you are now the system user. Click start and right click My Computer and click the option Manage. In here you can change user accounts. Change the password for the administrator account to something you can remember.

Log off then log back in as the administrator with the password you have just created.

Note: This will not work on up to date computers this is a security issue that has been patched.