My computer is a Gateway 3310 (although when I right click on My Computer and click properties it says it is a E-4100 :confused:

Anyway this computer currently has 512 MB of DDR RAM (2 sticks of 256 MB DDR). But I want more memory on here, at least 1GB more, in my computer. Is there anything I need to know before I go out to make the purchase? Is there anything I need to look for when buying memory? Can I go out and get a 1MB and stick in one of the slots and have 1GB and 256MB or do I have to have two sticks with the same amount of memory like 512/512?

I have never replaced/upgraded the memory inside of my computer before so I can use all the help I can get to make this machine run a little faster. :)

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Okay I did the scan, but something unusual happened. The scan told me I have a Gateway E-4100 when in fact my computer is actually a 3310. Because of that, it's telling me I have 4 slots for memory when in fact I only have 2 (I know because I looked inside of my computer and I only saw 2 slots).

So why would it be doing that? :confused:


I don't know.
Just enter the model manually and you'll get correct info.
(They guarantee it).

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