Dear guys ,
recently i installed Backup Exec For Server From Symantec
my server is windows 2008 enterprise sp1

Everything is done when i will create backup jobs to do backup from local server disk drives and folders BUT ,
When i want to backup specified client's folder or disk after job start i will get this error

V-79-57344-65225 - A failure occurred accessing the Writer metadata.

Here is the screenshot


This error refrences to a support page that will say

Open disk management and assign the System Reserved partition a drive letter

Link : Symantec Support : V-79-57344-65225

But i don't have any System Reserved partition , i did many thing even reinstall server
But on partiotioning section of installation , setup process didn't ask me to create MSR Partition

I asked in symantec forums after many days nothing useful

Now , did anyone have same situation with backup progressing and this crappy partition ?
Can i create it manually !?

Pls i really need to solve this problem :(

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