Have brand new Hp 550 notebook with pre-installed free Dos OS. I intended to install windows xp sp3, but after loading the setup files and about to start installing windows I get the following error message '' ........ STOP: 0x0000007B (0F789E63C, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x000000000). I seached knowledge based at support.microsoft website but no that solution. kindly suggest solution and advice accordingly. Thans in advance.

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Well we got to some thing more from u like:

1 R u installing windows from DVD drive or

2 r u installing from your hard drive after copying files from DVD

So reply ...so that i can help you..

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I am installing from DVD drive. Also the installing DVD am using is good one. I even tried installing windows 2003 server enterprise edition which I have, but all the same issue.

do you format the c drive for ntfs?

do you format the c drive for ntfs?

I haven't reach that stage. When I was prompted to boot from CD, I pressed enter. It was during loading the setup files that I got the above error message. So haven't reach formatting stage.

you have to get into BIOS, find the SATA Menu and change in to Legacy mode (or ATA mode).

OR just disable AHCI. (in AHCI menu)

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