I've installed a few software quite some time ago and the icons aren't working correctly. I tried solving it with Tuneup and CCleaner but it can't solve it either.

First, when I open the file, they did not get the file type and ask me what program I want to open it with.
Second, the icons aren't showing correctly.
Third, when I Save(not Save As) a file in Lightwave, they ask me what I want to save it as and whether I want to replace it. This didn't happen in XP.

This is how it looks like:

By right the icon should be the only thing showing, not the white page. As for Adobe Reader, it is suppose to show the preview of the first page image.

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If this windows install has been active for over a year I think it's time for a windows reinstall. You could try restoring to a previous system restore point

Actually I installed them right after I installed Vista.

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