Dear members,

Recently I had some difficulty in extracting data from Pivot table.. And Im not able to attach the Excel file along with this tread. May I know if .xls file is not allowed for attachment?
Coming to the problem, the original table contains data in 2 columns.. 1st col contains serial no. and the 2nd col contains some number.. The numbers in the 2nd col are repetitive sometimes. I want to make excel display all the serial nos. corresponding to a value in 2nd columns. SUppose for example the value 20 in 2nd col are contained in serial nos. 1,4 and 7. so I used Pivot table in sorting out. From this pivot table i want to extact out the data in a concatenated format. It must be as "1 4 7 TEXT 20" . I also like to mention that the table values may change so that 20 may be contained in more than 3 cells. In that case it shd automatically concatenate all the 4 values like "1 4 7 10 TEXT 20".. I cant use the cell reference as such coz it wont get me a generalised solution. The nos under the field name "20" should be concatenated irrespective of the count. It ll be of too much helpful for me if anyone comes out with a solution. Kindly help me. Thanks in advance.

Hi. Can't help you with the query without the file. On the file attachment bit, I had the same problem with a recent reply I posted. I got around it by .zipping the Excel file, as .zip files are accepted. If you .zip your file and attach with your reply then I can then unzip at my end and have a look.